You fall from your home in the clouds. Left stranded on a platform your only tool to get back home is a bag of seed, maybe if you tend to the seed well enough it can help you reach back up to the clouds again.


Download 31 MB


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absolutely lovely! i love the concept and the visuals are so nice as well. its interesting to experiment with each plant and see what each one does, although it admittedly took me a little bit to figure out cutting flowers gave you seeds back ^^'

once i fell off the edge and nearly had a heart attack..only to be caught by those vines id grown earlier! seems like some good karma in exchange for growing them :P


This is a really good game! The first time I played it, I assumed that because that red bag of seed was down, it was a mere ploy and you were supposed to get as high as you could.


I got very, very high (using only the first type of branch!!!) before I accidentally reloaded the tab.

Pretty innovative and relaxing tone. Though, I think the game would benefit from a clear end goal.

Very good game! I had a nice and chill time.